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Hi there! If you have come looking for boys called Ishida (Ryuuken and Uryuu), you are at the right place, because [Our own] Pride is the FL dedicated to the relationship between a father and his son, Ishida Ryuuken and Ishida Uryuu, Quincy, characters from the Bleach Manga/Anime, created by Tite Kubo. If you wish to be part of the [Our own] Pride fan list, this is the place to be.

[Our own] Pride is the approved fanlisting for Ishida Ryuuken and Ishida Uryuu and is currently listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network, under the Relationships category.


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Last updated: 21st October 2017
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Manual Updates

March, 23 2009: The site is online.
September, 12 2012: This site has moved to a new URL.
February, 15 2014: This site has moved to a new URL.

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